Meaning of our Logo

Meaning of our logo

Shishukunj's logo represents the underlying philosophy of the organisation. A child is like the blossoming bud that develops under the nurturing care of the beautiful flower. The pot holds the soil, manure and air that are needed for buds to blossom properly. By being that pot – Shishukunj provides the plethora of nutrients that enable a child's holistic development.


New generation of Karyakars
As each bud becomes a flower they in turn take on the responsibility of nurturing the newer buds and so the circle that surrounds the logo remains intact and each new generation of Karyakars (field workers) continues the work of inspiring the future.

A child - our primary consideration
The uniqueness of Shishukunj is that it places the child at the heart of everything – the children are the most important members and they are the primary consideration when making any decision. The words "bhai" and "ben" suffix everyone’s name to promote an environment of equality so that the smallest baalak and the oldest member are placed on the same footing.